Our Security advisory services assist organizations with information security strategies and integrated approach towards business to enhance security and privacy. Our Services includes the identification, analysis, and remediation of Threats to organization’s sensitive data, intellectual property, and information assets posed by internal and external threat vectors. Our Security team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable staff who are experts in security advisory with varied implementation experience in Defense and corporate security domains.

Our Penetration Testing services are based upon real-world attack scenarios that compromises organization's networks, information systems, infrastructure, and people to determine where organization lacks security. Our Security team has multiyear experience in Information Security Services for Defense, Retail, Banking/Finance, Education, Social Media and Healthcare sectors with advanced expertise in networks, applications, devices, and/or people.

We can perform security assessment and compliance to evaluate threats to on premise or cloud systems based on their likelihood of occurrence. We can determine organization’s security risk posture thorough analysis of likelihood of occurrence, controls, design and threat.

Our Security team possess years of risk assessment knowledge to assist with one time or continuous risk assessment.

Veridion Inc. has widespread experience with security requirements to accurately identify security gaps at all enterprise architecture levels. We ensure that network and system architectures include security controls that cascade for redundancy to provide for robust defense-in-depth solutions.

Expertise in DLP, SEIM & LOG Aggregation, Security Operations Center, Memory fuzzing, Incident Management, Vulnerability Management, Application Security Code Reviews Forensics, and others.